Samila Mermaid Bombed on Christmas

The Samila Mermaid was bombed Wednesday night of December 25, 2018. The bronze mermaid statue which sits at a junction between Samila Beach and Chalatat Beach was damaged after an improvised explosive device exploded Wednesday night. The blast happened at about 10pm which broke off the statue’s tail.

Another explosion happened a couple of hundred meters away from the mermaid statue, near the Cat and Mouse Statues which were luckily unscathed by the incident. And reports said there were more bombs found hidden in trash bins. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

Thai Spirit

Hours after the incident, the mermaid was put back together, a true Thai spirit. They deal with the situation and they move on. The incident has surely ignited emotional outburst from residents and even tourists as the Mermaid Statue is Songkhla’s revered symbol and a popular destinations for foreigners including Malaysians, but life goes on. It happened, yes! However there is no reason crying over spilled milk. This incident will definitely not deter locals and international visitors from coming and have their photos taken with Songkhla Mermaid Statue.

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45 thoughts on “Samila Mermaid Bombed on Christmas

    1. Indeed. I really feel sad with these acts of terror because they are destroying landmarks and historical sites, not mention the taking of lives. 🙁 thankfully no one was hurt here.

  1. Sad news. But I agree that things like that do not easily break the South-east Asian spirit. I hope they’d find the culprit, so he/she/they/it could explain itself and deal with the law. Hoping to visit Thailand someday. Keep it up!

  2. Good to know that there is no such casualties. And on other side I am feeling very sad/upset to hear this.

  3. That is just senseless I think. I’m glad nobody was hurt and that the statue was able to be out back together, but it just shouldn’t have happened.

    1. This statue is a symbol of this place, and it is dear to the locals’ heart. Attacking it is such a disrespectful act.

  4. That is horrible that someone would do that! Thankfully no one was injured and that the statue got put back together quickly!

  5. This is really sad. But good thing Thai people are united in fixing it and they easily moved on from this. I hope the mermaid won’t be damaged again.

  6. I love the Thai spirit. No use in crying over spilled milk. It’s sad that happened, but i’m glad they were able to put it back together.

  7. Feel very sad to hear this news! Definitely a sad loss for the peoples there.

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