Sripakpra Resort @Thalenoi

Sripakpra Resort at Thalenoi, Phattalung is not only a tourist destination but it is very  famous among Thai photographers as well.  Sripakpra is a fishing area in Thalenoi lake. Most photographers would come very early in the morning. Others who are from cities far away would check in at the resort the day before to have an early start the following day and patiently wait for the sunrise. The sunrise here is a picture to behold. Most photographers would usually rent a boat to get closer to the hanging fish nets to add drama to their photo of the sunrise.   As a matter of fact, the photo used by the official website of tourism Thailand, Phattalung depicts this scenario.
Visiting Phattalung ans staying at Sripakpra Resort is just one of the 100 best things to do in Thailand.
Photos taken with  Canon 550D + 18-55 IS Kitlens  and Canon 7D + 25-105 IS USM Luxury Lens
Sripakpra Resortis at
Address: Phanang Tung, Khuan Khanun District, Phatthalung 93150
Phone: 095 036 0466
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22 thoughts on “Sripakpra Resort @Thalenoi

  1. Wow, seems like a beautiful place to visit. I haven’t been there. The most I have been to is Bangkok. 🙂 And I love Thailand!

  2. Impressive. If you are into traveling and photography both, check out Travel Photographer Society (www.travelphotographysociety). Participate in the contest and may be u can win a ticket to Malaysia which could be your next destination!

  3. The sunrise looks beautiful. I think this is a good venue for prenup photography since there’s not a lot of people at this time of the day.

  4. Wow, congrats for having these photos being used by the tourism board! I hope they did credit you or commission you for your excellent work~

  5. Looks very picturesque. What other activities can be done in this area. Will research more about this new destination in Thailand.

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